The Shore, The Bargain, The Failing

It has been sixteen years since I stood upon a shore,
I can still see it in my mind.
I wonder if it’s still as beautiful as it is in my dreams.

Dreaming I see a blue field with diamonds sparkling forever in the sun,
I feel warm rays to tan my skin,
And I hear crashing waves that silence all disruptions.

By the love of my god I wish to return to that shore,
That time,
Those days;
For only mere seconds,
What I would give!

But what do I have to give to see those days again?
What possession of mine would warrant such a blessing?
I can think of no such thing.
My soul perhaps?
But that has been promised to another.
An oath I made to my god,
To whom I would give all I have,
For a single moment at those shores again.
To feel the salty mist on my face,
And the warm sands under my feet.

To hear the gulls cry, what a delight!
Such a song!
A symphony in three notes,
Haunting and delicate;
Even now I hear them,
The scavengers my mind distorts.

I smell the bitter breeze,
And taste the acrid water,
Awful it once was,
Now it’s an unreachable joy.

What deal could I strike for a single day,
An hour!
A minute!
A second!
To be at the shore abandoned by Mnemosyne?
To feel the cool water crash into my body,
And steal me underfoot.
What possession could I give that would be worthy?
What promise could I make that would not be broken?

The answer comes to me,
It makes my eyes heavy and fills me with regret,
There is no possession I could give,
No promise I would not break,

Now my health fails me,
By my body I am betrayed,
My mind is my only companion,
For the shore is too far away.


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