Pretend That There’s Something Snazzy and Eye Catching Here, Then Read My Song.

When I am happy, I’ll write a song,
I’ll dance and sing it loud and long,
And the words will be sweet and trite,
The words and structure will all be wrong,
And when I sing my happy song,
It’ll be a fanciful delight!

I’ll click my heels,
And feel all the feels,
As I sing my sappy song.
I’ll talk about love,
And perhaps a dove,
That lived nice and long!

I’ll sing at three quarters,
Forget personal borders,
When the song comes to mind.
I’ll sing of romance,
And I’ll dance and I’ll prance,
As if my sense you cannot find!

I’ll be raucous and loud,
Feeling nothing but proud,
As I sing my happy song.
I’ll sing in every key,
Oh what a sight it will be,
As I become louder than a gong!

The song will be happy,
The sentiment sappy,
As I dance on the tip of my toes.
As I whistle a tune,
You’ll think me a loon,
When I bend over and clear three rows!

I’ll bob my head,
Drink ‘till my nose is red,
As I sing my happy song.
I’ll sing it loud,
I’ll sing it proud,
I might even whip out my dong!

I’ll make your eyes full,
You won’t think my dance dull,
As I leave my clothes on the ground.
I’ll sing a song happy,
And make my hands clappy,
As my dignity is nowhere to be found!

I’ll smile and I’ll laugh,
You’ll think me quite daft,
As I dance to my silly tune.
I’ll stand on my head,
You’ll think I’m poisoned by lead,
As my farts they clear the room!

I’ll tell many a joke,
You’ll wonder what I smoked
As you roll in the aisle.
I’ll go to a hole of glory,
And suck so whory,
Then leave with a big creamy smile!

I’ll act mad as a hatter,
Roll in a big platter,
Made of meats and cheese surprise.
I’ll do a back-flip,
And a nun I will trip,
To give you a feast for the eyes!

But I’m not in the mood,
So please let me brood,
And write you a poem that’s sad.
Let me avoid all the cheers,
And fill your eyes with tears,
For me being happy can be a bit bad.

I’m beginning to think that my shrinks’ right about my sarcasm.


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