The Spider and The Ant. (A Bedtime Story)

Once upon a time there was an ant, but this ant was unlike all the other ants, no this ant was the bravest ant in the entire world. Whenever all the other ants would go out to collect food for the day he would be at the front of the line, clearing a path for his comrades. Lizards, bugs, and birds, were never a match for his bravery. He would charge them, engage them in battle, and defeat them, smiting their remains upon the earth and carry them, single handedly, back to the nest.

One day while clearing a path for the other ants, the brave ant came upon a very patient spider who had weaved a web in their usual path. The ant walked up to the spider and declared, “I am the bravest ant, flee from this path or face my wrath!” The patient spider calmly replied, “If you wish you may go around me, but I will not move. I have decided to build my web here, for there are many things to eat.” The brave ant, feeling insulted by the patient spider, grew haughty and said, “I do not care what you have decided; you will move yourself to where you are not in our path!” The patient spider, filled with a calm the ants had never seen from something facing their warrior, replied, “My web is quite small; it would not be but a few extra steps to go around it, so where is the harm in you shifting your line?” The brave ant grew impatient with the spider, so he indignantly asked “What harm would it be to move your web?” The spider wiped a bit of dirt from one his legs and answered “This place is perfect. The sun hits this spot just right so I will stay warm, and many bugs frequent it because of the sun, so I will not go hungry. I have answered your question, so will you answer mine?” The brave ant grew angry and climbed on top of a rock so he could loom over the patient spider and shouted “I will not move my line, because I have decided not to! Now move or face the consequences of my wrath!” The patient spider sighed and said, “For now we are at an impasse, but if you decide to pour your wrath upon me, then it will end poorly.” The brave ant then shouted, “It will only end poorly for you!” And with that the brave ant leaped from the rock, jumping towards the patient spider. Quickly the spider snatched the Brave ant from the air and began wrapping him in his webbing. “I told you the end would be poor, and now for your arrogance you shall be the first meal I have in my new home.”


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