Seven Poems for Autism Awareness Week: 3) Is It Any Wonder?

A fascinating look into the indignities still prevalent in some circles that care for the neurologically disadvantaged, and the problems that can arise from their actions. It’s a horrible fact, but even to this day we seem to think of those with neurological or psychological deficiencies as less deserving than others of dignity, even if we don’t realize it. I believe a healthy disconnect is good for caretakers to have in certain situations, but it becomes unhealthy when they forget that those they are taking care of are, like them, human beings.

Seeing Double, Understanding Autism

Here’s the third poem I selected for autism awareness week. It was given to me as part of a hand out when I spoke at an autism training session, so I’m afraid I don’t know much about it’s origin. When I first read this poem it broke my heart. I believe the narrative voice of “Is It Any Wonder?” is a none verbal child with severe classical autism. However, she may have another disability that impairs communication.

Is it Any Wonder?

If you leave the door open when you’re changing me

Or bring Sonia in and ‘do her at the same time’…

If you talk to your friend Hilary

And ‘do’ me at the same time…

If you look through me like I’m not there

And chat to your mate about last evenings telly

And expose my private hair

And leave me uncovered from me toes to me belly


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