Let me scream, please let me scream,
The idyllic life is a lie,
It is a perverted, rape filled dream,
Where the old and innocent goes to die.

Let me scream, I know it’s against the rules,
I know that I’ll be trampled for my cries,
That I’ll be called a liar, a bigot, and a fool,
But please let me scream, so I can sleep at night.

Let me scream, it’s all I know how to do,
I’ve tried running, hiding, and lying,
To avoid what everyone says is the truth,
But I must scream my lies to avoid dying;
My illness must be loosed,
Before my mind is torn apart,
Ravaged and raped,
By their truth before it departs,
And shuts off my only escape.

There’s mud in my eyes,
But none that Christ made,
I’ve tried to be healed a thousand times,
But the healing always fades,
And fear overtakes,
My heart and brings me to my knees,
To remind me that I’m fake,
And that I’ll never know peace.

Let me scream, for lies are all I speak,
Let me wake myself from this fever dream,
The voices in my mind are indistinct,
So please, let me scream, let me scream.


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