I saw in a dream, deadly and prophetic,
A nation crumbling under lies,
Where its judges and rulers sat
And apathetic,
Where the stones of the jewelers,
Were traded with living breath,
Where the populous danced intoxicated
On narcotics,
On Rage,
On self-importance.

I saw a land where
Trivial things were likened to death,
Where gibberish spewing fools
Were made into wealthy heroes,
Where the kind,
The gentle,
The wise,
The evenhanded,
Were damned to a chorus of
Avaricious wails;
And among those wails seething,
Standing there as if dreaming,
There were deaf mutes feigning,
The ignorance that yet prevailed
Among these mindless being.

Soon the deaf mutes grew weary
Of the blasphemes,
Of the pride profaning
The sacred places where beauty dwelt and
Enveloped all the senses in a flurry of
Melodic motion which did not survive
The zealots’ cries which crushed them,
And on these fallen altars,
The deaf mutes let out a cry,
Warning of impending erosion,
Of thoughts,
And art.

No one could hear them,
Amongst the jeers
And blasphemes;
And soon the deaf mutes were gone.

Silent and deadly the erosion came;
All were made dumb,
And lame.
Feebly the populous searched
For those deaf mutes which warned them,
But it was all in vain.


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