Lessons of my youth

Here are the things I’ve learned,
As I near my life’s bend:
Money’s better when it’s earned,
Happiness should never be pretend;
Tears are not a shameful thing,
It’s a fine thing to rise when you fall,
No matter the key you should sing,
And love should be free to all.

Don’t loan what you cannot lose,
Don’t hoard unnecessary things,
If you need help do not refuse,
And don’t worry for what tomorrow brings.
Focus on the problems of today,
But just the ones you can repair.
Be wary of what your rulers say,
And when you speak, let there be care.

Always listen to your muse,
Especially when she flies,
Don’t be afraid to try something new,
Or of failing a thousand times.
Don’t worry when you’re like a gong,
Your failure remains in the past,
Keep trying ‘til you’re no longer wrong,
And please, be a little crass.

Enjoy a quiet second,
For silence, it always fades,
Don’t be a pedant,
And don’t create for accolades.
Creation is its own reward,
To hell with the rest,
The same goes for the endless horde,
This life is not some test.

Know life will be jarring,
And everything is oversold,
Don’t worry about your scarring
None of us leave this world whole.
By the cruel you will be broken,
You’ll be tossed about, and crippled,
But in painful spaces unspoken,
Your resolve will be assembled.

A skeptic is a healthy soul,
But a cynic is diseased,
There’s no such thing as being whole,
But there’s still much to be achieved;
So don’t lose your youthful wonder,
About mysteries unsolved,
To knowledge, always be its lover,
And know whether to be involved.

Don’t let yourself be offended,
By petty little disputes,
Don’t be forever malcontented,
And if you’re wrong, accept rebuke.
Do not hold on to anger,
Give a compliment to a mate,
Nod to a stranger,
And above all else, never hate.

Finally remember, you’re a passerby,
In a story not your own,
You’re a bit player in another’s life,
An unwritten line, in a different poem;
So give a moment to sonder,
And each night play pretend,
That you’re another wanderer,
And never forget, this story has no end.


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