Pure Fire: A story in 100 lines

1. The pure fire burned,
2. In a chalice meant for a king,
3. The blue flame danced,
4. As the heat made the metal sing,
5. “Purify me, purify me,
6. Oh wondrous flame,
7. Give me the wisdom to see,
8. Reveal to me my holy name.
9. Give me strength to deny my sin,
10. To forgive those who antagonize
11. Let me love again,
12. Let me never Agonize,
13. Let me see righteousness as pure.
14. And show me virtue’s graceful allure.”

15. Virtue, virtue what a vile thing,
16. Here I stand abashed,
17. Forced to hear the angels sing.
18. Before my eyes my deeds are flashed,
19. In dreadful luminosity,
20. An unjust punishment for my animosity.

21. Take away, take away your awesome wrath,
22. Free me from your scornful gaze
23. Was it I who began to walk this path,
24. Or was it you who showed me the way?
25. This sin is not mine;
26. I did not wish to live
27. You claimed my beating heart was divine,
28. And yet what mercy do you give?
29. NONE! Your heart is cold and cruel,
30. You cast me upon the rocks, along with every fool.

31. Silence, silence, I only wish for peace,
32. Some rest, the end, an everlasting void.
33. If He would listen I would cry for the singing to cease,
34. Oh if I had no ears my soul would be overjoyed.
35. Specters leave me be; grant me my time alone,
36. While I wait to hear for what faux sins I must atone.

37. Fire, fire, burning stones, and blood,
38. Enveloped by darkness, seeking sport,
39. Enveloping others as a flood,
40. But avoiding me no matter how I exhort,
41. Its presence to come nearer me,
42. Oh sweet darkness won’t you set me free?

43. Glorify, glorify, your false king,
44. Give Him your praises,
45. Let Him hear you sing,
46. Please, shout to Him your hymnal phrases.
47. You may bow but I choose to stand,
48. On my own two feet,
49. For I am more than a god, I am a man,
50. Not a dog begging for scraps of meat!
51. Why was I so blind to pure joy?
52. Why did I treat my soul as a toy?

53. These words, these words, they are not mine,
54. The trickster king has stolen my voice,
55. Does He wish to make me drink sour wine?
56. Does He aspire to steal my freedom of choice?
57. Is that why He looks upon me with scorn,
58. For using the gifts with which I was born?

59. Somewhere there’s a chalice meant for a king,
60. In it burns a pure fire that makes the metal sing.

61. Oh wondrous flame, oh wondrous flame,
62. Purify my soul,
63. Reveal to me my holy name,
64. And make me, NO!
65. Foul words have escaped my lips,
66. My mind has been double crossed,
67. By my heart, from which my chest I will rip,
68. And cast to oblivion to remain forever lost,
69. So I may curse the singing chalice
70. And the choir who has earned my malice.

71. Away, away, oh blissful thoughts,
72. Leave me be, grant me peace
73. Give me silence lest you be dashed on rocks,
74. As the words of the fattened priest.
75. The song, at my soul it tears,
76. This pain is far more than one man can bear.

77. Betrayed, betrayed, I have cut my own neck,
78. But the king’s to blame, for He gave me the knife,
79. But it was I who did not keep my hand in check,
80. But it was He who gave me that wondrous life,
81. But it was my feet that strode the broad path,
82. But it was the king who built the wide road,
83. But perhaps it is I who has earned His wrath,
84. Perhaps it was my deeds that caused my soul to erode.
85. Haughty, I scoffed, I sneered, and averted my eyes,
86. Boorish and loud I jeered at His chalice and throne,
87. I sought out riches and fame, with no desire to be wise,
88. So there is no question as to why I’m alone.
89. Now here I lie, crying for pity from the king,
90. All I can hope is that He hears me when I sing.

91. Purify me, purify me,
92. Oh wondrous flame,
93. Give me the wisdom to see,
94. Reveal to me my holy name.
95. Give me strength to deny my sin,
96. To forgive those who antagonize
97. Let me love again,
98. Let me never Agonize,
99. Let me see righteousness as pure.
100. And show me virtue’s graceful allure


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