Indignant Love

My heart beats
With you
For you
As my face contorts
As my arms shake
As I breathe heavy
As my skin is soaked
As my eyes avert themselves
For you
For only you.

As you pass by
I notice
Your cheeks
Your eyes
Your lips
Your hair
The freckles on your face
Your crook toothed smile
And then
You are gone,
But still lingering in the air,
Your voice
Your laugh
Your scent
Your spirit that dwells within
Intoxicates me
Relieves me
Of loneliness
For a moment,
A moment I cherish
A moment above all others
And soon that moment is gone
And I search for more.

I am greedy for those moments
Brief and subtle.

Everlasting beauty surrounds you
Envelops you
Embraces you
As a friend
As a sister
As a mother
As a lover
Grace and kindness
Embrace you
I wish for that embrace.

I wish to tell you but
My throat stiffens
My tongue falters
My lungs seize
So I say hello.

From afar
I ponder
I give into imagination
And feel
Your hands
Your arms
Your lips
Your cheeks
Your hair
Underneath my hand
Caressing love from your lips
Warmth from your bosom
Life from your soul.

I open my eyes
I swear bravery
I see you
Only you
I speak
My tongue falters again
So I say hello.


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