Bawdy Songs: Rick, Jacque, and Bob

There was a man named Rick
He had a giant dick
Thicker than a tree

To the girls he’d show
When he wanted a go
But sadly they would flee

Until he found a whore
Who was wide as a canyon floor
The first he didn’t split
From ass to tits
And she always wanted more.

Then there was Jacque
He had a tiny cock
Skinny as a straw

Too small for his palm
Or child’s sock
Or a lady two inches tall

But then he got a bride
And in her ear he’d ride
Then she went deaf
From the mess he left
‘Cause he forgot to come outside

Now there’s bob
What a dreadful slob
Who couldn’t buy a whore

His dick was a nub
But still he rubbed
‘Til his feet stuck to the floor

He’d jerk it all day long
One arm was twice as strong
Than the other
Sad was his mother
And that’s how I end this song


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