Entitled Generation

We are born into hopelessness

Into lies

Into debt

And poverty.

We are born into


Lust filled

Old men


At the youth,

“Don’t fuck

Don’t suck


In a broken education system


In a world that has no jobs

“You are not smart enough


You must work

So you can pay to be smart”

There are no jobs

“You are lazy



And entitled.”

They are wrong

Save for one point

We are entitled.


To the hope promised to us since birth

To the joy they said we would feel until our deaths

To the beautiful future that was promised to us only to be polluted by ash and radiation

To the freedom that has been eroded since before our birth

To the financial security that they squandered on wars and bailouts

To the good health that is so expensive that it is cheaper to die

To the education that is so expensive that is more profitable to be a fool

More profitable

To sell our bodies

To sell our dignity

To be stared at

Glared at




And derided as the cause of the fall of western civilization

It is more profitable

To be lame


And dismembered

So we can parade ourselves around for even greater crowds to gawk and jeer at.

We are born into this lie

Into debt

Into chains.

Our birth certificates are bills of sale

Our diplomas are a mockery of wisdom

Our jobs are affronts to joy and freedom

Our money bares the faces of rapist and slave owners

A fitting monument to the excess sold to us

The fool’s gold pressed into bricks

The piss presented as rain.

We are born into a hatred that will consume us

Leaving only the ash of our former selves

A grim reminder of their broken promises

Soon forgotten and replaced by new lies

To be told to the next generation.


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