Reality Is A Lonely Place

Reality is a lonely place
Is it not?
We arrive and leave without a trace
We live only to be forgot.

However, this is not a thing of sorrow
For it is the natural way
That we die, and then tomorrow
The sun rises, bringing a new day.

The world revolves without us
It needs nothing from our souls
For we become the eternal dust,
When we return to the place we used to know.

A thousand years will pass
With it, all our deeds
Save for the trees that bloom
From our planted seeds
Our names will fade
Our voices will grow silent
Our memories frayed
Whether we be a peasant or tyrant

King or pauper
Wise-manor fool
Warrior of lover
We are all minuscule
In the eyes of stars
That stretch into eternity
From the suns to the quarks
We are nothing compared to infinity,
However, let us smile on this earthly plane
Even though we are doomed to die
For when you see the stars hanging in the sky
Remember that we are their remains.


4 thoughts on “Reality Is A Lonely Place

    • Thank you, it’s a reference to mental illness and the silent suffering/thoughts that go on in the head/how it comes to be in the first place.

      It’s mostly about Bipolar disorder though, how opposites mingle and clash in the head. Hyperbole (mania) being loud and brash, while silence (depression) is subdued, but both being equally cruel.

      It’s also a reference to the “anechoic chamber” which is a chamber of absolute silence, that drives people who stay in it for too long (temporarily) insane.

      I think that’s all the background info you need for your poem, so have fun writing. I’m currently working on one myself, but I’m stuck, so I can’t wait to see yours.

      • Well I just wrote it. I love your mental illness angle. I am bipolar so that really got me. I took a bit of a different take on it. It’s still about mental illness if you read between the lines… But you’ll see. Thank you for the inspiration. I hope I do it justice.

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